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Teaching Experience

Michael has taught with

Cornish College of the Arts

Lakeside School

Seattle Children’s Theatre Young Actors Institute (co-director) & Advanced Theatre Intensive

University of Washington BA program

University of South Carolina – MFA Program

Maggie Flanigan Studio in NYC

NYU Tisch Meisner School

Cincinnati Playhouse

Portland Center Stage

Macha Monkey Productions

SeaPlace Studios

Chez Bushwick

Coyote Central

Washington Ensemble Theatre YAW program


Yale School of Drama – Masters in Acting w/ Ron Van Lieu, Christopher Bayes, Evan Yionoulis, Jane Nichols, Peter Francis James, Beth McGuire, Robert Woodruff, James Bundy.

Pacific Performance Project/East – 15 years w/Robyn Hunt, Steve Pearson, Peter Kyle.

University of Washington – BA w/Robyn Hunt, Steve Pearson, Jon Jory, Cathy Madden, Shanga Parker, Judy Shahn.

Additional Training w/ KJ Sanchez, The Frank Theatre of Melbourne, The Living Theatre and with acclaimed theatre director Tadashi Suzuki (upcoming June 2017)



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